Benefits of Angus Beef

Good News About Beef:

*Beef is naturally low in sodium, providing less than 60 milligrams per 3-oz serving.

*Beef is one of the best sources of iron.  When eaten with other iron-rich foods, the absorption of the iron from all foods in the meal increases.

*The protein in beef is nutritionally complete, containing all 22 of the essential amino acids in a well-balanced ratio.  There are approximately 21 grams of protein in 3 ounces of all red meats, poultry and fish.

*Beef is a major source of zinc in the diet.  Zinc is essential for growth metabolism and many other bodily functions.  Beef is also a great source of vitamins B-12 and niacin.

*On average, a cooked 3 ounce serving of well trimmed beef contains 8.7 grams of total fat, of which less than half (3.5 grams) are saturated.  The same amount of roasted chicken, skin off, contains 6.3 grams total fat, of which 1.7 grams are saturated.


3 oz. Cooked Beef

                                    Calories          Cholesterol     Fat                  Sodium

Filet Mignon               181                  72mg.              8.7g.                54mg.

Boneless Strips            183                  65mg.              8.7g.                58mg.

Top Sirloin                  171                  76mg.              6.7g.                57mg.

Gourmet Burgers        227                  85mg.              13.5g.              70mg.