Our Story

Curt and June have a small farm at 2249 Leabrook Rd., Lancaster, Pa 17601 which is just west of East Petersburg. We purchase 600 pound calves from local and Pennsylvania farmers. Our job is to finish these cattle to around 1400 pounds and make them ready for your freezer, so you may enjoy beef all year. We enjoy extending this opportunity to everyone that is interested in excellent quality, locally fed, growth hormone free, Black Angus, freezer beef.

We provide this service all year except during deer season. Since the beef is quick frozen after aging, we believe it is actually fresher than meats that you typically find on store shelves.

small beef plate

What are the top reasons for ordering freezer beef from the Charles Family?

  • Growth Hormone Free & Antibiotic Free Feed
  • Price, Quality, and Taste
  • Convenience of having beef on hand in the freezer right at your home
  • Knowing where the beef is raised
  • Having a full selection and variety of cuts