How does it work?

For a diagram of our simple order process, please visit this page here. This page will give you detailed information on how we provide the high quality freezer beef from our farms to your table.

We ask for the name address and phone number of those interested in ¼’s of beef.  When all four quarters are spoken for, we make an appointment with one of the many butcher shops that we work with.  We deliver the steer on the appointment date, which may take a few weeks.  The butcher calls us with the “hanging weight” the next day.  Based on this weight we send out an invoice for the beef.  The phone number of the butcher shop we used will be on the invoice along with directionsThe day after delivery to the butcher shop, your beef is put in the cooler for the aging process and this is the time frame in which you call the butcher shop with your custom cutting instructions.  They will want to know how thick you want your steaks cut, how many pounds you would like your roasts to be, and how many pounds you want in your hamburger packs etc.  Make sure you ask for the heart tongue and liver if you want any of these parts.  They will help you through the cutting instruction process.  It is good to let them know if you like more steaks or more roasts as many times they come from the same area.

After aging the butcher will cut the beef according to everyone’s instructions.  Note that all the butcher shops we work with, share the front and hind quarter equally with the two parties on one given side, unless you order a half.  They will age, cut, wrap, label, and freeze your beef and then call you when it is ready for you to pick it up.  You pay them direct, for their service, at time of pickupYou pay the Charles’ for the beef.  For a quarter, you will need about 3’ x 3’ x 3’ area in your freezer.  You may expect to receive 7 Delmonico’s 7 T-Bones, 2 Porterhouse, 3 to 4 Sirloins, Chuck, Arm, Ribeye, Top Round, Bottom Round, London Broil Roasts, and a significant supply of hamburger.  The heart, tongue, and liver, are also available.